Wednesday, March 11, 2009

tag by k.bim...

jenguk2 kt blog k.bim, rupernyer aku kena tag daa...

People to tag :
1. maira
2. tomatosauce
3. nabiha ismail
4. zel
5. makcik rehan

nie ler hasil nyer.....

1. Do u think u're hot..
haha..aper punyer soklan nie..mesti and spicy..kfc..idaman ku slalu..hehe..

2. Upload ur fav pic

3. Why do u like that pic ?
sbb aku tgh gelak ketawa..hehe..

4. When was the last time u ate pizza ?
erm..bln 1 hr kt opis..

5. The last song u listen to ..
if i were a boy - beyonce

6. What r u doin rite now beside this ?
chatting ngan opismate..

7. What name u prefer beside yours ?
nabihah ismail is the best..xder prefer yg laen..hehe..

People to tag :
1. relyza
2. lisa
3. vouge2704
4. posh76
5. eses

8. who is no 1?
my bft frens..dh lamer dier xmuncul kt forum..lappy dier prob...cian dier..

9. no.3 is having relationship with ...
ngan laki dier ler..xkn ader affair laen lak..huhu..

10. say something bout no 5
dier study kt jpon..hehe..teringin nk gi jpon..huhu..

11. how about no 4
nie pon forumer posh ni dh mantap dh..aku jer xmantap2..huhu..

12. and no.2
opismate aku...ptg nie nk gi klas jahit sesamer..hehe..

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