Wednesday, February 18, 2009


alamak...tggl 3hari jer lg nk exam ptd..takut nyer...dh ler xstudy hr nie nk study..huhu..smlm pon studo..bkn nyer study...huhu..xper maner yg smpt jer..okies..nk update my diet routine smlm...

menu :
protein shake = 180kcal
milo 3in1 lite = 111kcal..
oat + honey = 428.6kcal...
kopok segera = 252kcal..
sebiji pear china gong = 102kcal..(assume 1 1/2 normal pear..coz it's bigger than normal pear)
12 biji pistachio = 203.8kcal..(assume same calori with cashew nut)

*total around 1200kcal...

exercise :
denise austin cardio blast w/o = 40minutes
squat = 100x
wall push up = 50x
chest w/o = 50x
abs w/o = 4 x 12x
elbow to knee w/o = 100x (tmbh lg 50x dr yg slalu buat)

okies..that's all for today..see u tomorrow..luv uols..muahmuahmuah...

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